One time offers create a sense of urgency and exploit the human tendency to not want to “miss out” on something of advantage. In a typical deployment of an OTO, a visitor lands on your sales page and will make a purchase of what ever product you are offering. After returning from the payment processor they would normally end up on a “thank you” page with the download instructions.

With an OTO, they instead land on a special page offering another product, BEFORE, moving on to the thank you page. What makes the offer so compelling is that the copy clearly lets them know that this is their one and only opportunity to obtain the product at the price offered.

Typically at the bottom of OTO, there are links to allow the customer to buy the OTO and some sort of “No Thanks” link to take them to the thank you page. What’s important is that before seeing those links, they have been fully exposed to your offer!

OTO’s may be used to upsell the original product (say a more coslty related product or service or even a higher level of membership) or downsell (a less costly, but related product or service) or even completely unrelated products and services and subscriptions to newsletters, etc.

These days, we often see a sequence of OTO’s being offered one after the other. This can in fact become annoying to a visitor, so careful testing of your OTO process is vital to avoid losing sales and refunding customers.

OTO’s (One Time Offers) have proven to be especially effective when used as a part of a subscription form, ie.; after confirming or opting in, they are exposed to offers relevant to what they’ve subscribed to.

Through careful planning, you can easily create and deploy a series of OTO’s that work like a decision tree. For example, if the visitor said no to OTO #1, you can divert them to a different type of product or service. Each yes or no answer can profit mate oto be used to attempt to refine where in the OTO chain this particular customer or visitor might make a purchase.

Utilizing automated one time offer management software makes this process easy to implement and measure. Try OTO’s and watch your profits soar.